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California avocado influencer program reaches millions of consumers
With consumer attention pulled in myriad directions, the California Avocado Commission is extending its communications via third-party advocates. A team including artisan chefs, popular bloggers and registered dietitian ambassadors incorporates California avocados into menus, recipes, blogs and public relations activities leading up to and during the season. By April CAC’s influencer program reached more than 12 million... Read more

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Wayne E. Bailey introducing new Sweet Potato Petitelings at PMA Foodservice
When it comes to sweet potato innovation, it’s hard to beat George Wooten, president of Wayne. E Bailey, based in Chadburn, NC. He told The Produce News about an exciting new item on offer, and now packed for the foodservice industry. “We are very excited about our new Sweet Potato Petitelings,” said Wooten. Wayne E. Bailey’s new Sweet... Read more

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With more than 40 citrus varieties in its lineup, Sunkist Growers is promoting the versatility and relevance of fresh citrus to the foodservice industry at this year's PMA Foodservice Conference & Expo, scheduled for July 29-31 in Monterey, CA. “Consumers are craving bold flavors on menus, while also seeking healthier options, creating a powerful opportunity... Read more


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Oppy strengthens sales and grower relations approach
Strategic realignments within The Oppenheimer Group were announced earlier this month, bolstering the leading sales, marketing and distribution company’s pursuit of growth and delivery of its Expect the World from Us promise.  Former Director of West Coast Sales Eric Coty was named executive... Read more