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California apricot crop appears early with variable set but good quality
The outlook for the 2014 California apricot season varies from grower to grower, from location to location and from variety to variety. In general, however, it appears that the crop will start earlier than usual, the set is variable but averaging lighter than normal, and quality looks very good. For Family Tree Farms in Reedley, CA, which is "a major player on early season apricots," the orchards are showing "a very mixed... Read more

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Growing conditions ideal for Duda Farm Fresh Foods
Duda Farm Fresh Foods Inc., headquartered in Oviedo, FL, is a leading grower, shipper and marketer of an extensive line of domestic and offshore fresh fruits, as well as fresh and fresh-cut vegetables. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of A. Duda & Sons Inc., also headquartered in Oviedo. In Florida, the company produces major volumes of citrus fruits... Read more

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Henry Avocado’s California harvest to peak at ideal time for customers
For year-round avocado distributor Phil Henry, there’s little distinction between the oncoming domestic harvest and the winding down of the offshore supply. His commitment to consistently provide customers with superior quality fresh avocados and great service is never seasonal. It’s the perennial purpose of Henry Avocado, according to a company press release. Whether... Read more


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Jewel-Osco announced that Scott Hays has been named vice president of operations for the Chicagoland grocery store.  Most recently a district manager with Albertsons LLC’s Southern division, Hays will lead the operations team to support Jewel-Osco’s marketing and merchandising initiatives, including... Read more


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Domex Superfresh Growers' orchard tech
Domex Superfresh Growers continues to innovate with use of GPS-equipped tractors as technology moves from the drawing board to the orchard. Use of GPS allows the tractor to create a planting line within an inch of accuracy. A specialized plant platform pulled behind the tractor opens the ground so trees... Read more