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HAB’s Holiday & Events study shows robust sales growth
The Hass Avocado Board, a leader in providing insightful information to the avocado industry, recently released a study analyzing 13 holidays and events throughout the year. Holiday volume saw robust growth, particularly for spring and summer holidays where growth rates reached over 20 percent. The Big Game, Cinco de Mayo and the Fourth of July had the highest weekly retail dollar sales of the year, each comprising 2.4 percent... Read more

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When Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Gary Black took office in 2010, he pledged to bring a more business-like mode of operation to the department, and he has made good on that. Under Black’s tutelage, Georgia agriculture has made moves to take the place in the national produce hierarchy it deserves. The state-administered Georgia Grown program has been... Read more

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Capital Logistics specializes in produce, covering the nation with highest level of service
Founded in 2009, Capital Logistics in White Plains, NY, has quickly grown to become a major non-asset-based logistics company that exercises diligence with both clients and its diverse trucking companies throughout the country. The company takes pride in its assurance of delivering the highest level of service and reliability. It was formed by Michael Feig,... Read more


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Century mark approaches for Central American Produce founder
Many notable events occurred in 1916. Woodrow Wilson was elected to his second term as president. The Chicago Cubs played their first game at Weeghman Park (now Wrigley Field). A bill was passed incorporating the Boy Scouts of America. The Professional Golfer Association, or PGA,... Read more