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A.J. Trucco keeping up promotion on recently announced year-round blueberry program

Hunts Point, Bronx-based A.J. Trucco, a premier produce distributor, recently announced that its growing blueberry program has now evolved into a year-round program.

“A.J. Trucco’s blueberry program has seen a 142 percent growth over the last two years,” said Director of Business Development, Sasha LoPresti. “Blueberries are now our second largest commodity.”

Trustar-BlueberriesTrustar Blueberries.Contributing to the strong growth of its blueberry program is A.J. Trucco’s longstanding strategy of carefully selecting the best growers with which to partner.

In the United States, it partners with growers in Georgia, North Carolina, New Jersey and Michigan. It also sources from British Columbia. Offshore, it sources from Argentina, Peru and Chile.

“Working with the best growers enables A.J. Trucco to offer the freshest, most well-priced blueberries on the market year-round,” said LoPresti.

“Our partnerships enable us to be involved in the growing process, which guarantees the high quality of our products,” she added.

In addition to blueberries, several of Trucco’s programs are now offered on a year-round basis.

Founded in New York City in 1937, A.J. Trucco is one of the largest importers of a vast variety of branded and unbranded produce items from around the world.

The company is food-safety compliant, and it works to meet the demands of the ever-changing marketplace.

Trucco’s expectedly strong New Jersey blueberry program will begin in late June. LoPresti explained that its blueberries grown in the state are packed under the TruStar label.

“We expect the TruStar branded business to grow over the next few years,” she noted.

“As the Trucco slogan states, just ‘Pick. Pop. Enjoy,’” said LoPresti.

She invites inquiries about the company’s blueberry and other programs to contact her at