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In the Trenches: Produce leaves lasting first impression
Suppose you walked into a supermarket to buy some fresh produce and upon entering the department you instantly recognized it to be messy and disorganized, with wilted vegetables haphazardly displayed. What would that reveal about the product you are about to purchase? Imagine you entered another produce department down the street that made you stop in your tracks as the overall scene was neat, clean, bright, colorful and... Read more

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Historic dates are experiencing renaissance
By all accounts, the popularity of dates go back thousands of years, well before the Renaissance era, which began about 700 years ago. Today the date is experiencing its own renaissance as its health benefits and positioning as a natural sweetener has boosted sales and production. The California Date Administrative Committee claims that the date palm was in... Read more

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Setton Farms’ touts the versatility, flavor of pistachios
Pistachios are so versatile and flavorful that they are consumed in nearly every imaginable way, from snacking whole to an ingredient for virtually every meal course, from appetizers to desserts. Joseph Setton, a principal for Terra Bella, CA-based Setton Farms, said that for retailers, pistachios offer a bonus. “They can be displayed almost anywhere in... Read more


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J&J Family of Farms names director of grower development for its western division
J&J Family of Farms recently hired Mark Konstan as the director of grower development for its western division. Konstan brings more than 34 years of experience in the produce industry and 26 years of experience with national fresh produce company. For over 20 years, he worked at The Produce... Read more