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Summer Citrus from South Africa season finishing strong

Summer Citrus from South Africa approaches the end of a strong growing season with steady volumes of navels and Midknights available until the end of October. The last conventional vessel will arrive to the port of Philadelphia the week of Sept. 26, concluding this season’s shipments for SCSA.somm

“Each year, our goal is to provide superior quality citrus to the U.S. market that complements local production and availability,” Suhanra Conradie, chief executive officer of Summer Citrus from South Africa, said in a press release. “The market has been unique this year with local production running later than expected and other Southern Hemisphere shippers coming on strong, but we’ve stayed the course on our shipping volumes and have been successful in continuing to grow our customer relationships.”

To support the strong growing season, SCSA held its first consumer campaign this summer, which included a digital promotion, influencer partnerships and social media outreach to raise brand awareness and promote in-season citrus options. Results from the campaign included adding 5,300 new contacts to the brand’s database.

With the success of this campaign, SCSA plans to instill brand loyalty for future growing seasons.