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Strawberry volumes to jump, rain could affect Florida veg

Things have changed greatly in Florida since Tuesday. All major growing regions in southern Florida are expected to see rain all weekend with totals between two and four inches, depending upon location. Crops such as Bell peppers, cukes, tomatoes, green beans and corn are coming from these areas. Supplies may be affected.weat

Belle Glade yesterday saw about 0.75 inches of rain and they are expecting another inch on Saturday and one inch on Sunday. Immokalee received 0.75 inches of rain yesterday and is expecting the same amount on Saturday and an inch on Sunday. Homestead will see the worst of it with over one inch yesterday, some light rain today, an inch on Saturday and approximately 1.5 inches on Sunday.

Central Florida, in the berry-growing regions of Plant City and Orlando, will not see much rain, if at all, from these storms. There is only a 50 percent chance of a light shower on Sunday in Plant City.

Temperatures will not be too bad with highs ranging from the upper 60s to the low 70s the next 10 days. Sunday will be the coolest day of the week across Florida with minimum temps getting down into the mid-40s for Belle Glade and Immokalee. Homestead will remain in the 50s and 60s for the low temp over the next 10 days.

With perfect weather in California and Mexican strawberry-growing regions for the next 10 days expect volumes to increase out of these areas.

Starting yesterday things began to warm up in California with temperatures in all major growing regions getting into the mid-70s while the Coachella Valley will hit 80 this weekend. These warm temperatures are expected to last all next week. 

Mexico strawberry-growing locations are also experiencing perfect weather for the next 10 days. The Baja California growing region of Vizcaino will see 10 straight days of high temps in the 80s.

Guanajuato and Michoacán will see perfect temps, with highs in the upper 70s and low 80s, and minimum temps in the mid-40s. These temps will last all through next week.

Florida is the only region that will see temps a little below normal for this time of year. Plant City will see high temps range from 58 to 71 over the next 10 days. Low temps will be in the mid- to low 40s.

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(David Robidoux is a co-founder Weathermelon)