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Florida showers, fun ends in California, cooldown in Culiacan

Florida definitely got a good amount of rain over the weekend with some locations getting over four inches. The heaviest rains came Saturday night into Sunday morning. According to the National Weather Service, Belle Glade received 3.5 inches of rain between Saturday and Sunday. Immokalee received over four inches of rain, and Plant City, which wasn’t expecting to receive much rain got over three inches. Homestead missed most of the excitement and only saw 1.25 inches over the weekend. weat

Temperatures have also been on the cool side these last few days with nightly lows down into the low 40s and highs only in the low 60s for Belle Glade, Immokalee and Plant City. Homestead saw nightly lows in the upper 40s, which is very cold for this part of Florida. 

Starting today things begin to change with temperatures rising throughout the week. By Thursday maximum temps will be back into the mid-70s and minimum temps in the low 60s for the aforementioned regions of Florida. By Tuesday, Feb. 5 max temps will be into 80s. 

As of right now there is a 50 percent chance of rain (up to 0.25 inches) for next Saturday, Feb. 2 in all mentioned regions.

The high pressure heat wave California has been experiencing the last five days is coming to an end and it’s time to prepare for rain. 

This past weekend in California was absolutely gorgeous with max temperatures in the coastal and desert growing regions of California well into the upper 70s and low 80s on Saturday and Sunday. This warm weather should have helped production numbers on items from these areas.

Starting this Thursday, however, things will change with back to back storms hitting California. As of right now Oxnard is predicted to receive about two inches of rain from Thursday through Saturday. The Coachella Valley is expecting an inch of rain, Castroville more than two inches and Santa Maria more than two as well.

In Baja California the growing regions of Ensenada and San Quintin will also receive rain over the weekend, up to an inch.

Culiacan is once again seeing some cool nights this week with minimum temps getting down into the upper 40s. The growing region of Los Mochis, which is approximately 60 miles north of Culiacan, will also see minimum temps down into the upper 40s. All points north of Los Mochis up to Ciudad Obregon will see minimum temps in the lower 40s. Growers in the town of La Cruz, Sinaloa, which is 50 miles south of Culiacan will not experience such colder temps. Minimum temps for this region will only drop to about 52. Look for production out of these areas to slow down a bit later this week. This might help clean out inventories in Nogales and McAllen. By Thursday the minimum temps will be back into the mid-50s.

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(David Robidoux is a co-founder Weathermelon)