Hunts Point Produce Market on point with new branding
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No mask, no service at Walmart and Sam's Club
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Duda bringing imported citrus to the U.S.
Just in time for the summer season, Duda Farm Fresh Foods launches its 18th consecutive import citrus program. Now through October, Duda Farm Fresh Foods will import citrus to the U.S. from the Southern Hemisphere with guaranteed optimal quality, flavor and volume. Duda Farm Fresh Food’s line of imported citrus, sold Read More ...
NMB continues to grow the mango category
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USDA files action for $1 million PACA violation
As part of its efforts to enforce the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act and ensure fair trading practices within the U.S. produce industry, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has filed an administrative complaint against B&B Organics Inc. The company, operating from Indiana, allegedly failed to make payment promptly to 23 Read More ...
Sunrays grapes to hit stores this winter
Tarrytown, NY-based fresh produce importer Jac. Vandenberg Inc. has announced that it will be adding grapes to its Sunrays product line as it launches an eye-catching, revamped website for the Sunrays brand. “We are ecstatic to be adding grapes to the Sunrays product line. With over 70 years of experience in working with the Read More ...
Congdon Orchards joins Sage Fruit Co.
Sage Fruit Co. will add Congdon Orchards to its team of grower-packer-shippers of Washington tree fruit, effective Aug. 1. Congdon joins Sage Fruit to enhance the marketing, sales and distribution of its fruit. Through this new partnership, Sage Fruit will add considerable volume of Washington state apples, pears and Read More ...

As the Blueberry season winds down in the Northwest, the cold weather next week might finally bring it to an end. Starting this Thursday, nightly low temps in Oregon and Washington will dip into the 40s for the first time this season. By Sunday the low will be 44 and the high will only be 62. These cooler temps will continue through at least the 10-day forecast.weat

Overall the blueberry season in the region has been a success. Per USDA data Oregon and Washington saw a 25 percent increase on total shipments of blueberries this year compared to last. That is great news for the growers in the area.

Michigan is still the main player for the eastern half of the U.S. with blueberries. With the decent weather in the region the harvest may continue for several more weeks. Aside from tomorrow and Thursday, Michigan will see high temps in the 70s all this week with possible 80s next Monday and Tuesday; minimum temps will continue in the 60s.

Peru & Argentina
These two South American countries are beginning their Spring harvest and are experiencing great weather now. Peru’s growing regions have high temps in the mid-70s to low 80s with no chance of rain over the next 10 days. Argentina is having great weather with highs in the 80s -- with some locations reaching into the 90s this weekend. Look for volumes to ramp up soon.

Temperatures this week in the main citrus-growing regions will be well above average. Highs will be mostly in the lower 80s with tomorrow being the hottest day with max temps reaching as high as 89 in San Felipe. These warmer temps will last through Sunday. By next Monday expect high temps to drop back into the low 70s and upper 60s.

Melon-growing regions in southern Arizona may have seen some flooding last night and early this morning. Hurricane Lorena changed courses over the weekend and made its way up the eastern side of the Baja peninsula through the Sea of Cortez avoiding all major growing regions of Baja California. Last night it was scheduled to cause flash flooding the Phoenix area.

I have never seen such big temp swings as in South African citrus- and grape-growing regions. Yesterday’s highs were in the upper 60s and lower 70s. Temperatures rise tomorrow, and by Thursday the highs will be around 100 and then back into 60s and lower 70s with some rain by Sunday.

Salinas can expect highs for today and tomorrow to be 90 before cooling for on Thursday. By Saturday the high will be 65 and a low of 49. Max temps will remain in the 60s through Tuesday before warming in the 70s on Wednesday.

We are keeping our eye on Tropical Depression Karen in the Atlantic. It is currently due south of Puerto Rico heading north. It will pass over the island this morning and continue north. On Thursday it is forecasted to possibly turn west. We will update you on Friday.

The Weathermelon app offers consolidated lists of global growing regions for each commodity; a 10-day detail forecast for each region; current radar maps (U.S. only); estimated harvest start/end dates for each commodity; monthly average high/low temps for each region; and custom daily alerts for temperature, precipitation and severe weather based on 10-day forecasts.

(David Robidoux is a co-founder Weathermelon)

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