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D’Arrigo Bros. continues promotion of Taylor Farms’ organic line

Multi-generational family-owned-and-operated D’Arrigo Bros. Co., located on the Hunts Point Terminal Market in the Bronx, NY, has served the New York Metropolitan area for over 50 years. It delivers everything the fresh fruits and vegetables industry has to offer with its fleet of 50 trucks.

Marketing and Communications Director and Organic Buyer Gabriela D’Arrigo said the company continues to promote the Taylor Farms’ brand.

“Our goal is to build up our organic line with Taylor Farms’ value-added items,” she explained. We also carry Taylor Farms conventional salads. We engage in promotional programs with some of our retail partners to promote the Taylor Farms Salad line.”

In early 2014, D’Arrigo Bros. began a tropical fruit and vegetable program, which has grown and evolved consistently since. It is a part of the company’s overall line, as are fresh Eastern, Western and Texas vegetables and fruits. The company also handles berries, tomatoes, melons, potatoes, onions and much more, including a wide range of imported items.

P1050440Gabriela D’Arrigo“The tropical and ethnic programs have absolutely seen growth,” said D’Arrigo. “The Hunts Point buyer demographic is a direct reflection of the New York Metropolitan area demographic. It is our belief that the tropical and ethnic programs will continue to grow into the future.”

She also noted that D’Arrigo continues to make improvements to the inside of its Hunts Point 75,000-square-foot facility, and that it is an ongoing process.

“We recently expanded outside of the market and are now fully immersed in the both the conventional and organic banana business,” she added.

Regarding the spring and summer product movements, D’Arrigo acknowledged that the industry is constantly in a state of change.

“At this point we are well rehearsed in dealing with the changes,” she said. “We source product from all over the world on a regular basis in order to have as many items as we can for as close to year-round as possible. Prices are affected by one thing or another every year, and we all just have to roll with it.”

The company’s extensive customer base includes all types and levels of retailers and foodservice operations, including restaurants, country clubs, school systems, steamship lines, airlines, commissaries, sidewalk stands and smaller produce wholesalers.

Last year the company started working on obtaining its GMP certification.

“We are proud to say that we now have it,” said D’Arrigo. “Our goal is to maintain it and improve it as best we can to achieve the next goal.”

The company has worked with local growers since its inception, so sourcing and selling locally grown fruits and vegetables is second nature. D’Arrigo said supporting local farmers is a part of D’Arrigo Bros. culture.