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The AvocaDOs and DON'Ts of the ripe avocado revolution

Oxnard, CA-based Mission Produce has led the ripe avocado revolution and continues to innovate in the avocado category. With over 35 years of experience and 11 ripe centers globally, the Mission Produce team has developed a best practices avocado guide, AvocaDOs and DON’Ts.dodont

Mission Produce is rolling out two versions simultaneously. One is geared toward retail and contains helpful handling practices, merchandising tips and consumption data. The second is for foodservice and contains food-safety practices, cutting and storing recommendations and menu insights.

“Ripe avocados have grown to be one of the top five items in the produce department and we want our retailers to fully capitalize on the trend. Our best practices guide, AvocaDOs and DON’Ts, equips them with additional tools to make that happen,” said Patrick Cortes, director of sales. “We also want to make sure we are providing the same type of insights to our foodservice operators, who have their own set of avocado handling challenges. Mission’s avocado best practices guides provide all of our customers the information they need to manage their avocado category.”

“Our goal was to design AvocaDOs and DON’Ts to be relevant to all levels, from a vice president, buyer, store produce manager or chef," said Denise Junqueiro, director of marketing. "We want everyone to find it useful.”

Mission Produce will have the AvocaDOs and DON’Ts guidebooks on hand at PMA Fresh Summit, booth No. 644, as well as complimentary assets, including back room posters and infographics. They can also be mailed upon request and found online.