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A century later, Hanka offers six months of Asian vegetables

A century after his great-grandfather, Wenzel Hanka, started farming in Humble, TX, (pronounced “umble”), Tommy Hanka continues the tradition.

Tommy-Hanka Tommy Hanka, owner of Hanka Farms, in one of his bok choy fields.After Tommy graduated from Texas A&M in 1994, he moved the family growing legacy to the Rio Grande Valley, and named his new Edinburg, TX-based firm, Tommy Hanka Farms.

Like his father, James Hanka, Tommy grows Asian vegetables. Specifically, he produces napa and bok choy.

To extend his growing season to six months a year, he operates several farms that parallel the Texas coastline up to Wharton. Wharton, like Humble, is outside of Houston. While few people may think of Houston as cool, the temperatures vary enough to suit Hanka Farms’ production as springtime temperatures arise.

“We have a continuous supply of quality from Thanksgiving until June 1,” he said.

The firm’s food-safety program is certified by Primus.