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Sunny Valley on track for great New Jersey peach and blueberry crops

Glassboro, NJ-based Sunny Valley International is anticipating an excellent crop of both blueberries and peaches this year.

On May 8, Director of Customer Relations, Bob Von Rohr, said the company’s projected harvest start on blueberries is mid-June.

“We will have excellent promotable volumes going into July 4th; the ‘Red, White and Blueberry’ holiday,” said Von Rohr. “The season is expected to run through early August.”

Sunny Valley will kick off its New Jersey blueberry program with the Duke variety, which is known for larger sizing.

jerseyfruit 25lbSunny Valley International peaches headed to market.“We’ll then move into the Blue Crop variety during the second half for the season,” he added. “Both varieties are known for their size, flavor and nice bloom appearance.”

Sunny Valley has various pack sizes to offer this season, including the popular standard pint, 18-ounce and two-pound packs.

All of the company’s conventional blueberries are packed under the Jersey Fruit label featuring the dancing blueberries.

Jersey Fruit blueberries are hand-picked into plastic flats and packed within hours of harvesting.

Von Rohr explained that the company picks early in the morning, packs in the afternoons and ships the same day or the next morning to ensure only the freshest quality reaches its customers.

“Our berries are sorted, graded and packed on stainless steel state of the art equipment designed for efficient quality packing, as well as for food-safety requirements,” he explained. “After being packed, berries are forced-air cooled to 36 degrees Fahrenheit and are stored at this temperature until they are shipped.”

Von Rohr added that all Jersey Fruit blueberries are graded according to strict standards to ensure the highest quality of firmness, bloom, size, color, overall appearance and fullness of clamshells.

“Our New Jersey organic blueberry crop is also looking good this season,” said Von Rohr. “Our Little Buck certified organic label is projected to start around mid-June and run through late July. We represent the largest organic blueberry grower in New Jersey who packs in both half-pints and full pints.”

The New Jersey peach crop is also expected to have a normal harvest start in early July. By mid-April the trees had an outstanding bloom with a good crop set. Sunny Valley is expecting a full crop of New Jersey yellow and white peaches as well as its highly colored nectarines.

“Good peach volumes will be available by mid-July,” explained Von Rohr. “The Jersey peach crop will run through the end of September.”

Each peach variety, he explained, has about a ten-day run period, and each follows the one previous resulting in consistent flow throughout the season.

“We measure quality by chill hours and what we are currently seeing on the trees, and it looks like an excellent crop this year,” said Von Rohr. “We will also have outstanding white flesh peaches and nectarines available out of Jersey from late July through September.”

All our Sunny Valley’s New Jersey blueberries and peaches are fully traceable and its growers are PrimusLabs GFS Food Safety Audit certified to ensure the highest level of food safety.

Sunny Valley is the exclusive sales and marketing agent for the Jersey Fruit and Just Picked labels. It is the largest shipper for stone fruit in New Jersey.

Besides New Jersey peaches and nectarines, the company markets South Carolina peaches, British Columbia blueberries, imported grapes, pears, apples, kiwi, blueberries, imported citrus and New Jersey cranberries.

Sunny Valley is known as a reliable supplier of key fruit items due to its long-term relationships with growers and exporters as well as its industry expertise and experience.

“We know who the players are and how to bring quality fruit to market,” said Von Rohr. “Our commitment is to develop and maintain relationships with our growers, exporters and customers allowing us to conduct fair and honest trade.”