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Jade Produce enjoying successful Mexican mango deal

“The market is good,” Rudy Uresti said of the Mexican mango deal. “We’re finishing Oaxaca this week. We now go to Nayarit and then Sinaloa.”

Uresti, who owns Jade Produce LLC in Mission, TX, said May 16 that the Mexican mango industry is ahead of last year and has already surpassed 3 million boxes of mango exports. He said that the Mexican total for last year was around 12 million boxes.

Rudy-Cecilia-Ryan-UrestiRudy and Cecilia Uresti promoted Jade Produce with their son Ryan at the 2017 Viva Fresh Expo. He added that Jade “has a lot more mangos this year. The chains like the Pink label in their stores. We have done well with mangos. We will continue to increase our volume and quality and continue to increase our business in the years to come.”

Jade promotes its Pink label from a bright pink shipping carton.

“[Pink] is doing well with retailers all over the U.S. and Canada,” Uresti said.

In February this year, Jade “was one of the first in Mexico” to launch the 2018 mango deal.

In March, the firm began shipping Tommy Atkins and Ataulfo varieties from Oaxaca.

“The Ataulfo crop has been excellent. This year it is doing very well.”

This spring Jade worked for the first time with a particular Oaxaca packinghouse, which will likely be acquired by Jade before next season.

As of May 16, Jade was under way in shipping Ataulfos from Nayarit.

“There is a small, five-day gap in shipping Tommys now. There are no rounds,” he said.

In the latter part of May, Jade planned to begin shipping from El Rosario in southern Sinaloa.

He noted that over the last few years, the southern Sinaloa mango deal has stretched into the summer to compete with Los Mochis growers in northern Sinaloa. This is the result of uncharacteristically dry weather in the south. When it rains in southern Sinaloa, growers stop shipping mangos because the moisture hurts appearance. With a lack of rain there has been no reason to quit shipping.

Jade’s warehouse and offices are in a facility within the McAllen Produce Market. On May 16, Uresti was in the process of acquiring land within the market to build a new 50,000-square-foot warehouse there. He said the construction wouldn’t begin until 2019 or 2020.

The firm has already expanded three times in its current location and needs more room for its ongoing growth.

“We will stay inside the market location. We grew up here. We know everything here and we can remain independent here,” he said.