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Tom Consalo: Warm weather should bring spring crops on quickly

VINELAND, NJ — New Jersey’s 2018 spring produce season is generally a week to 10 days behind schedule, “depending on the item,” Thomas Consalo, general manager at Consalo Family Farms, here, told The Produce News Monday afternoon, May 7.Consalo5481Tom Consalo of Consalo Family Farms with freshly picked New Jersey radishes and Italian parsley. Photo by Gordon M. Hochberg.

“We should start getting into full swing by May 12-14 with all the lettuces, greens and herbs,” he stated. “After that we’ll look to start the dry season” with items such as peppers, squash and eggplant.

New Jersey, like all over the Northeast and mid-Atlantic area, endured a cold March and April, setting back the start of the new season. But when The Produce News sat down with Consalo on a partly sunny May 7, the weather was starting to warm up, and the forecast was for more seasonal temperatures.

“It took a long time for the season to hit, but now it’s ramping up pretty quickly,” said Consalo. “We’re getting ramped up pretty quickly thanks to some warmer weather.”
Looking a bit farther into the season and to one of the company’s key items, Consalo said, “New Jersey blueberries look to be right on schedule.” He estimated that Jersey blues would start around mid-June, “which would be pretty close to normal.”