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Babé Farms ‘Breaking Rad’ over radishes

Radishes are all the buzz at Babé Farms Specialties Inc. It’s led to a company-wide phrase of “Breaking Rad!”

“Two new items we’re introducing are the large size Purple Ninja radish and a brand-new radish variety aptly named the French Violet,” said Ande Manos, marketing manager for the company. “The French Violet is petite and cylindrical in shape, much like the French Breakfast radish, but it’s a brilliant violet color that transitions to a white tip. The French Violet radish is a perfect addition to our collection of fancy radishes, packed 24-count per case.”

Purple-Ninja-RadishPurple Ninja RadishThe Purple Ninja is another one that Babé Farms has grown for more than three years and is offering in a larger sizing 3-plus inch in diameter, topped and packed in a 10-pound or 25-pound sack.

“In early fall, we’ll be introducing two new baby head lettuces; Ro-Minis and Bella Lettuce,” Manos said. “Ro-Minis are petite, gherkin shaped baby romaine lettuces and the Bella lettuce is the picture-perfect sandwich or burger leaf lettuce.”

Babé Farms reinvents its displays at every trade show to educate retailers on how to merchandise specialty vegetables and will be touting its new offerings at upcoming shows.

Babé Farms Specialties Inc. was formed in the early ’80s by a group of tough-minded visionaries in Santa Maria, CA and has become known as a premiere grower of couture vegetables.

Judy Lundberg-Wafer and her son, Jeff Lundberg, chief executive officer of the company, operate the farm’s 1,600 acres of multi-colored specialty and baby vegetables for customers in the United States and Canada.

“Offering over 60 varieties of root vegetables, baby lettuces, specialty greens and seasonal specialties year-round and shipping more than four million cases annually throughout the U.S., Canada and beyond, when you think of growers of specialty produce, Babé Farms stands out,” said Manos. “Over the years, we’ve worked hard to build a successful and recognizable brand that truly stands the test of time.”

The team at Babé Farms continues to be innovative, creative and collaborative, and is well positioned in a fertile growing region with all the components that allow for a year-round growing season.

“We’re so grateful to our loyal customers and end-users,” Manos said. “#Eattherainbow is on trend. From baby purple carrots to golden beets, our specialty vegetable product line lends itself to creating a rainbow of healthy and aesthetically pleasing options for the plate.”

Babé Farms’ niche market has always been fine-dining and upscale retailers, and its social media has been a great vehicle to influence this marketplace.

“Our reach to end-users continues to expand as we share inspirational pictures, video and stories about our farm, our vegetables and creative dishes utilizing our vast array of rainbow root vegetables,” Manos said.

In 2018, the company has seen supplies comparable to last year as consistent weather conditions allow for dependable availability of its specialty root vegetables.

“Venturing into the winter months, we’ll see what type of weather pattern Mother Nature provides us this season,” Manos said. “We would be happy to see more rain to help replenish our underground aquifers.”