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Krichmar Produce ready for New Jersey's spring produce season

VINELAND, NJ -- With a generally mild winter, New Jersey's spring produce crops have started pretty much on time, according to Jay Krichmar, president of Krichmar Produce Co., here.

Krichmar6327At Krichmar Produce in early May with New Jersey asparagus were (kneeling) Moises Lozano, Victor Najera, Sam White, and (standing) Jay Krichmar, Brian Bassetti, Matt Rieti and Medio Bassetti. (Photo by Gordon M. Hochberg)"Some of the early crops came a bit early, some were on time," Krichmar told The Produce News Tuesday afternoon, May 7. So far, "your lettuces started," such as Romaine, "and your herbs started," such as cilantro, dill and mint. The company was also handling asparagus, spinach, collards and greens from the Garden State.

"Cabbage should start around June 1, then you get into your volume items," he added, such as cucumbers and squash, "and then all your summer items."

Asked to assess the quality as the new season was getting started, Krichmar replied, "Everything looks real nice. Weather conditions have been good -- perfect spring weather for produce."

In other news, the company has increased its trucking fleet, as it gears up for the upcoming season. "We're up to a dozen trucks," which the company owns outright, said Krichmar. Its total fleet is about 35 trucks, comprised of its own trucks plus "truckers who work for us for the most part," said Krichmar, whose company is now in its 24th year.