Fruit Royale adapting to stay ahead

grapesred Fruit Royale, Inc. is an experienced grower shipper of table grapes with more than 1.5 million cases of fresh grapes produced in the Central San Joaquin Valley each year.

The Delano, CA-based company works directly with its contracted growers on all aspects of fruit production including growing, packing, cooling, storing, logistics and sales, with detailed emphasis on providing high-quality product to customers on a consistent basis.

“We have been in the grape business since 2004,” said Louie Galvan, Fruit Royale’s managing partner. “The current trend is towards new proprietary varieties that offer a great eating experience and eye appeal.”

If there’s one lesson Galvan has learned working in the grape business, it’s that things are constantly changing and Fruit Royale must be willing to roll with the changes and adapt.

“We are always looking 5-10 years down the road as much as possible,” he said. “That’s one of the secrets of being successful in the category.”

Fruit Royale has a life-long commitment to working alongside the land and preserving environmental quality and works hard to ensure the availability of a safe food supply for future generations. The company employs sustainable agricultural practices that successfully balance current and future human needs, promote environmental health and effectively utilize natural resources in a manner that is economically profitable.

“The secret is caring for your fields like you would your own children. It ultimately shows in the fruit you produce,” Galvan said.

Looking at this year’s upcoming grape crop, Galvan is predicting a “fantastic great eating crop” and expects business to be strong. Flame Seedless and black seedless Summer Royals should be ready to go by early- to mid-July and there are some great new varieties that will be harvested as well.

The company has initiated some new protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and safety measures have been taken from the farm though the cooling and distribution channels. Galvan noted other challenges working in the San Joaquin Valley are labor and water availability, but these are issues that are not new and challenges that a successful company just needs to learn how to work through.

“Regardless of the challenges, our goal is to maintain the highest degree of service and quality throughout our 365-day grape program,” he said. “Consistency is our No. 1 goal.”

Table grapes historically sell well in the supermarkets, especially in summertime when new varieties hit the shelves, and Galvan feels retailers do a good job of promotions. Still, he would like to see more front page ads, as that always helps sales increase.

Fruit Royale continues to tout the high-graphic, stand-up pouch bag for its grapes. It’s a popular pack and shows off the product nicely.

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