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Wedding flowers present opportunity for supermarket floral departments

Supermarket floral departments are competing to offer unique, quality products at a reasonable price in the wedding sector, according to research by the Produce Marketing Association. This means catering to couples that want all the traditional frills as well as DIY wedding flower ideas.

Pricing for unique floral designs — when the product is only a small part of the costs — is challenging and begins with understanding product costs, shopping different floral wholesalers, and ensuring you are appropriately pricing your design time.

WEDDING-FLOWERSWeddings contribute 4 percent to overall supermarket floral sales.More than 2 billion people got married in 2014, according to the National Marriage and Divorce Trends report by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. And in the past five years, wedding costs increased by more than $5,500 with the average couple spending $32,641, according to The Knot. The average spent on wedding flowers in 2015 was $2,300. Wedding flowers typically comprise about seven to 10 percent of the couple’s budget, and most couples spend between $500 and $1,000.

Weddings contribute four percent to overall supermarket floral sales (full-service operations increases to 5percent), according to a recent survey conducted by the Produce Marketing Association and the Food Marketing Institute. And, 44 percent of retailers are planning to emphasize wedding sales over the next year.

It is important to be upfront with customers on what flowers cost and what can be provided within their budget. As we know, the costs of wedding flowers are largely determined by the cost of the flowers and the cost of the labor needed to order, receive, preserve and arrange them. Certain flowers cost less, and others are more expensive when they are difficult to grow and thus produced in smaller quantities. Extensive and elaborate arrangements also increase the labor component of flowers.

It is often helpful to suggest out-of-the-box flower ideas that your customers can afford. Have your customers bring their unique personalities to their wedding by using contemporary twists on traditional flowers and it is best to shop wholesalers for specific flowers.

Opportunity awaits those who are willing to capitalize on weddings.

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