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Challenge the norm with these four flower-friendly color trends

Trends are omnipresent in our very visual floral industry and every company seems to have its own version. The key to utilizing trends is to look for commonalities and also for the trends that apply to your specific markets. For example, what’s hot in Texas may not be as popular in Iowa.

Our team travels the world each year compiling trends across industries and we use these trends to drive innovative product development. We hone in on flower friendly color that will enhance floral arrangements.

 Marla-ODellMarla O’DellOur top four spring 2018 trends for the floral industry are:

Aviary Garden. It’s a bit unconventional and a tad old-fashioned with feminine florals in delicate muted tones; accented with vivid hues, exotic birds, butterflies, delicate foliage, and metallic glints throughout. Bold, higher-end flowers and greens are paired with reasonably priced classics like Queen Anne’s lace, baby’s breath, roses, mums, daisies and carnations. Containers include muted gold, hand-blown bubbled glass in pale hues, or smoky swirled or reflective curvy glass vases.

Tropical Glitch. Vibrant calypso colors and tropical patterns with lush foliage, vivid birds, festive fruit, and large exotic blooms. With powerful, stark flower and leaf shapes, the focus is on bold, electric colors and the mixing of scale and texture and may include mini pineapple or cactus. Containers are simple geometric shapes including spheres, cubes, and exaggerated cylinders in shiny tropical colors.

Mother Earth.This look draws on the majesty of the mountains, the diversity of the land, and the subtle carefree hues of nature to create its trendy style. It is based on nature’s palette in the warmest browns, a range of silver and mossy greens, and iron-enriched reds with dashes of lusty ochre. Arrangements have layers of texture, as though they have been handpicked or collected, and mixed-in elements of dried flowers and pods. Whether the arrangement is minimal with a few stems, or exaggerated in size, the effect has casual natural beauty with textures like grass, wheat, pussy willow and cotton. Containers vary from rustic wood and metal to glazed terra cotta to handcrafted natural woven baskets.

Pop Fashion.This trend speaks to millennials. Simple flowers, stems and plants in unexpected color combinations and shapes, throw convention to the wind. Colorful flowing plants and unique blooms with unusual shapes and colors are preferable. Mix various mini-plant species together, such as mini-cacti with mini-cyclamen. And with containers, anything is possible and everything is allowed. Go for the unconventional. Try a pineapple, or a trio of coconuts, or a recycled plastic container; dip your container in glitter or add paint splatter.

Consumers are becoming more sophisticated every day, so challenge the norm. Just because a particular variety or arrangement didn’t sell in your market in the past doesn’t mean it won’t now. Today’s consumers are more edgy and want something unique, so have fun with it.

Marla O’Dell is vice president of sales and marketing, floral and packaging, at CSS Industries Inc., headquartered in Philadelphia. She can be contacted at