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Ball SB introduces odorless limonium variety

Many limonium hybrid varieties have a natural tendency to give off an ugly smell when high temperatures hit them. Therefore, the demand for this variety decreased in the 1990s — until now, according to a news release.

SKYLIGHT Lourdes Reyes, marketing director at Ball SB, holds the new odorless limonium variety, Skylight, at the November International Floriculture Trade Fair in Vijfhuizen, the Netherlands. After 10 years of breeding, selecting and testing, Ball SB has put an odorless limonium on the market — named Skylight — which offers the variety a second chance.

“The limonium is a great flower for the growing bouquets market, as well as for the solid bunches,” said Lourdes Reyes, marketing director at Ball SB, in the release. “However, some old varieties like Misty withhold many florists from using it and consumers from buying it. So, it went out of the market and now we are happy to bring it back in full bloom.”

For breeder Ball SB, it was a great challenge to come up with a variety that lacks the typical limonium smell. But after a decade, they introduced a hybrid limonium that was not only bred and selected for being odorless, but still has good cultivation and product habits. The new variety was bred in Israel and is named Skylight.

“It is a very productive variety and has strong stems, high productivity, many flushes, and a great flower color,” Reyes said. “It is liked in the market because it gives great and abundant volume, plus no smell. When you see a flower on films, magazines, or on the runway of the fashion show week in Paris or Milan, you know it is officially a flower in fashion.”