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Eco-chic and nature expected to remain hardgood trends

As 2017 comes to a close, two main hargood trends are not ready to go out with the calendar year. In fact, eco-chic and environmentally inspired products are strengthening and looking to dominate 2018 for all seasons.

Eco-chic — the eco-friendly back-to-nature trend — is expected to continue to gain traction and new audiences. Millennials are especially enamored with this environmentally inspired movement as they are committed to the sustainable lifestyle it represents.

WOOD-SLICES Wood slices and other wooden items continue to the draw interest of consumers who are inspired by sustainability and the back-to-nature trend.These shoppers consciously select the design products that come directly from nature, carry a low carbon footprint, can be repurposed and/or are easily recycled.

Items that fit this category and have shown consistent growth over the past several years include wood containers and accessories.

This is especially true for containers with compartments and drawers, which continue to be very popular with florists, interior decorators and designers.

Other wood items that will continue to draw interest are wood slices, manzanita branches, votive candleholders and driftwood.

Birch items are climbing in popularity and versatility, from branches of all sizes for large displays to birch strips and covered galvanized pots. These items can be used for virtually any type of party or function.

Another category that alludes to nature includes items made of cement. Created from a combination of lime, sand and clay (among other things) these hargoods are truly from the Earth. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, cement exhibits a degree of sophistication while also portraying a simple eco-friendly look.

The colors associated with nature and the environment is also on the rise. Natural tones including all shades of green, whites and browns will continue to command attention in 2018.

Not to be ignored in the New Year, the mercury and crackle glass trends are also expected to continue. This is such an interesting phenomenon as the dichotomous eco-friendly and metallic, mercury and crackle collide to bring a natural-meets-industrial feel.

No one knows for sure what new trends and ideas will take off in 2018, but it will be so interesting to see how they evolve.

Nick Fronduto is chief operating officer at Jacobson Floral Supply, Inc. in Boston, MA. He can be contacted at