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Three new Dutch flowers make their debut

ICE-CREAM Three new Dutch flowers are being introduced — a pink rose, a yellow chrysanthemum and a double tulip.

Avalanche Adore+ is a new rose with pale pink petals, soft green edges on the outside, a strong stem and a shelf life of more than 14 days, according to a news release. Growers at Van den Berg Roses could hardly believe their eyes when they came across this mutant of Dümmen Orange’s Avalanche in their greenhouse. ADORE

“It’s a very special color,” Jos van der Meijs, commercial manager at Van den Berg Roses, said in the release. “It reminds me of pink champagne and the ballet paintings by Degas. We are very proud to add this special beauty to our assortment.”

Astroid is the new disbudded chrysanthemum by Deliflor. Grown by Zentoo, it has large flowers with lots of petals and excellent vase life.

“A bright yellow ball that will cause immense impact,” is how Deliflor describes its new mum.

Tulipa ‘Ice Cream” is a double tulip with a pink flower and white topping that looks like a sweet, frozen treat, according to a news release. Developed by Dutch breeding company Vertuco, and grown by Boltha BV, “Ice Cream” requires extra attention during the growing process.

astroid “It’s quite a demanding lady,” said Sjaak van den Berg, salesman of spring crops at Boltha, in the release. “You have to handle her with care; we do everything by hand, for example. You have to pamper her if you want to get the best out of her. But if you do, you truly have a gem. It’s a profitable variety with lots of potential.”