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Striking a balance between work and relaxation

This year seems to be going well, florally speaking. Valentine’s Day sales were strong, Women’s Day continues to grow, SAF reports strong sales overall for the year so far and a healthy amount of optimism for 2018.

As Mother’s Day and the rest of the spring holidays approach, floral professionals are engrossed in plans and preparations for increasing holiday sales. And there’s an attitude of never resting on past accomplishments and victories because there is always so much more to do.

Although that is a strong business ethic, it’s also important to take a break and just smell the flowers. Striking a balance between work and relaxation is always difficult when working with a perishable product in a holiday-driven industry — but it’s vital for your mental health and productivity, so remember to keep your energy account reconciled.

In this edition, we tell you about an AFE memorial tribute that’s been established for Gay Smith, the “queen of post-harvest care and handling,” who recently passed away. Gay was a frequent contributor to Floral Marketing in The Produce News, as well as a friend to many in the industry, and she will be dearly missed. We also provide a recap of Women’s Day; Bill Prescott reports on the first American Tulip Day in San Francisco; we have a story on the merging of two Wisconsin growers; and Kate Penn from SAF shares her thoughts on the state of the floral industry. The holidays will come and go and be back again next year, so remember to pace yourself and you’ll be healthy enough to enjoy them.