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Frost and freeze warnings for Salinas and Watsonville
Salinas and Watsonville, CA, as well as the greater Northern California region, are expected to get temperatures in the low 30s on Monday and Tuesday before getting back to the seasonal normal for the week. In Mexico cold and rain is coming this weekend to Zamora and Patzcuaro, Michoacan. Approximately a quarter of inch of rain is expected to hit blueberries.... Read more
Weather helping boost quality coming from Chile
Chile has had perfect weather throughout the country. It has been a mild summer so far, and quality of grapes and stone fruit should be great right now. Heat is coming to Immokalee, FL, this Sunday through next Wednesday, with highs in the upper 80s. In Mexico, a mini heat wave coming to Culiacan and Sinaloa is expected to run through Saturday with highs... Read more
Rain for limes, good weather for strawberries
Cooler temperatures will finally come to the West this weekend and will continue through next week. Highs will be back in the 60s in coastal regions and 70s in the desert. Rain is forecasted for Southern California, Baja California and Yuma, AZ. Rain will hit the coastal areas of Southern California, including Oxnard, as well as Baja California starting... Read more
Perfect weather, soft markets and good supplies
As anticipated, warm weather has caused an oversupply of production. Markets are soft on all items at the moment and f.o.b. prices are low. Strawberries are the exception, with good demand as we get closer to Valentine’s Day. Florida has beautiful weather up and down the state. Temperatures in the 80s and with only a slight chance of rain on Friday but nothing... Read more
Out west brutal heat with no relief on the horizon
California and Arizona, and down through to Sonora Mexico, are experiencing brutal heat, with no relief in sight for at least the next 10 days. Florida is looking to get slight rains next week, with Homestead, Belle Glade and Plant City getting an honest dusting of rain. All avocado-producing regions are experiencing ideal growing weather; abundant supplies... Read more
The California Strawberry Commission reported that acreage for 2018 continues a trend of growth in production on decreasing planted acreage, as the last few years have seen a 6 percent increase in volume on 13 percent decrease in land. Most of the acreage is shifting to the highest yielding varieties. University of California varieties represent 59 percent of... Read more
Where's the sunblock? Heat wave continues
From Santa Maria, CA, to the San Joaquin Valley to the desert there is no end in sight for the current heat wave; production volumes should continue on the high side. With California, Arizona and northern Mexico seeing above-seasonal temperatures are the grape crops getting enough chill hours? Blueberry production in Chile looks strong with a cooling... Read more
Lime market to get extremely active, summer in January
High pressure and heat coming in full force to the western United States and Mexico. The hottest days will be Sunday through Tuesday, but temperatures will remain warm for remainder of next week. The Coachella Valley is expected to be in the mid-80s; Culiacan, Mexico should be in the mid- to upper 90s; Oxnard and Santa Maria, CA, should be in the mid-70s... Read more
Grab the tequila, limes are taking another shot (of cold and rain)
Another mini heat wave coming to the West this weekend, with highs in the 80s Sunday through Wednesday for the Coachella Valley, Yuma, AZ, and Baja California, Mexico. Heat is also coming to Culiacan, Mexico. Highs in the 90s will start Wednesday and continue through next Tuesday with a peak high of 94 on Sunday. Get ready for an onslaught of supply. Three... Read more
Tomato and pepper gap could be coming
While things should finally get back to normal next week for U.S. growing locations, keep an eye on possible gapping in tomato and pepper production out of Florida in mid- to late February due to blossom drop from the extreme cold weather in the last two weeks. At the moment Florida is coming back to life with temperatures returning to seasonal norms this... Read more
Unusually cold weather to affect production volumes
Florida will get another round of extreme cold weather tonight, which is expected to be the coldest night of the week throughout the state. Freezing temperatures are expected in Plant City and frost warning for Palmetto/Ruskin Wednesday morning, while Immokalee will be in the mid 30s. Cool temperatures will continue through Friday.  Rain is expected to... Read more
Heat out west for strawberries and veggies
Below-average temperatures in Florida are expected to persist all next week, while out west -- from Santa Maria, CA, all the way down through Baja California and deserts of Coachella and Imperial valleys, and Yuma, AZ -- above-average temps temperatures are expected to start today and last through next Wednesday. Vegetables and strawberries are currently... Read more
SoCal, Arizona heat may boost production
Precipitation in Florida will continue off and on throughout the week and will clear out by Saturday morning with another cold front behind it. Temps will be below normal Saturday through Tuesday, Jan. 16. Out west temps will be above normal for the South California and Arizona deserts starting this Friday and continuing through all of next week, which may lead... Read more
Hurricane Irma continues to haunt Florida farmers as the U.S. Department of Agriculture once again decreased its monthly estimate of the state's 2017-18 citrus crop. The USDA now says Florida will produce 46 million boxes of oranges, down 4 million boxes from November and 8 million boxes from October. The USDA makes its first estimate in October of each year... Read more
On Wednesday, Dec. 13, Southern California’s largest fire — the so-named Thomas fire in Ventura County — was still raging and had consumed more than 235,000 acres. There was reason for optimism as winds had died down the previous day and firefighters were starting to gain control, but the fire still had Santa Barbara in its sights with a fierce battle continuing... Read more
Perfect growing conditions created a supply-exceeds-demand situation for many vegetable items following the Thanksgiving pull, and many were expecting the same conditions to prevail in December until a weather event happens. According to Jason Lathos of Church Brothers LLC, it has been a tale of two transitions this year: the best of times and the worst of times.... Read more
Vegetable supplies in transition with strong markets
As November dawned, there was a significant transition in vegetable production and markets were strong, portending a solid winter vegetable deal from the West. The lettuce market came off its very high mid-October run, which saw prices nearing the $40 mark, but many other commodities remained tight as the Thanksgiving pull sat just off the horizon. Mark McBride,... Read more
Avocado supplies on verge of normalcy
It has been a long time coming but the supplies of avocados in the U.S. market appear to be approaching a more normal situation, which should result in more promotions and a resumption of the decade-long upward trend for the fruit. For the first time in more than a 10 years, consumption in the United States declined in a 12-month period straddling 2016-17 as... Read more
Avocado supplies need to ramp up
If orderly marketing of avocado volume in the United States is the goal for the next year, shipments from Mexico to the United States need to increase significantly — and soon. Rob Wedin, vice president of fresh sales and marketing for Calavo Growers Inc. in Santa Paula, CA, said a review of the numbers show that the United States consumed about 480 million... Read more
Avocados from Peru shipped a record 145 million pounds of Peruvian avocados to the United States in an extremely condensed window of time during the summer months, helping to meet soaring demand for the fruit in a season when domestic production was down significantly. “The shortage in the U.S. avocado market this past summer provided AFP the opportunity... Read more