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Western veggies, melons on the way, but where are the blueberries?
The heat wave coming to the desert southwest and the San Joaquin Valley this weekend will last through the end of next week at least. High temps will start Saturday. The Coachella Valley, Imperial Valley and western Arizona will see highs in the low 100s -- about 20 degrees higher than average for this time of year -- and minimums in the high 60s. Next week... Read more
Heat helps Coachella Valley pick and pack
Strong winds out west will continue throughout the next several days, peaking next Monday with wind speeds of up to 25 miles per hour up and down California. Temperatures will also be well below normal next Monday when a cold front will come through the state with a chance of rain. We will see temps down into the low 40s near Salinas, Santa Maria, Oxnard and... Read more
Weather not too peachy in Georgia; Coachella Valley feeling the heat
A cold spell is hitting Georgia with temperatures in the 40s and 30s. Warmer weather and about an inch of rain is expected over the weekend, but the cold will return early next week. Look for production to slow and possibly delay peach and berry production. In the Coachella Valley triple-digit temperatures will break on Wednesday, April 11 for two days and then... Read more
Western veggies heat up while berries get a cold shower
Berries are expected to get hit with rain on both coasts, as California gets about an inch of rain this weekend and Florida is projected to get more than half an inch on Monday and Tuesday. Below average temps are expected in Georgia with rain between one and 1.5 inches on Monday. The storm hitting Northern California looks to be lighter than previously expected,... Read more
Powerful storm could halt Northern California harvest
A strong storm is coming to Northern California and the San Joaquin Valley this weekend, with the potential to drop between 1.5 inches and two inches of rain in a 24-hour period.   Chances of rain this weekend in California have increased since Friday. We are now looking at an 80-100 percent chance of rain on Friday and Saturday depending on location. This... Read more
The heat is on, it's on the fields
Heat has aririved in the Coachella Valley. Highs have been in the 90s all week, and this weekend will reach a maximum of 97 degrees on Saturday and Sunday and stay in the mid-90s all next week. Look for spring crops, including Bell peppers, corn, eggplant, green beans and tomatoes, to come on quickly. Later crops of watermelons and grapes could move up their... Read more
Temperatures and production warming up
A heat wave is heading to the Southwest. Starting Wednesday, March 28, above-average temps will arrive in the San Joaquin Valley, as well as the Coachella and Imperial valleys, Yuma AZ, and northern Mexico for the next 10 days. Highs will be 12-18 degrees above normal. Look for the spring crops out of Coachella Valley and lower San Juaquin Valley to... Read more
Mind the (berry) gap; Cold storm headed California's way
The latest storm cleared through California late last night. Final rain totals topped out at two-and-a-half inches, and Salinas, CA, escaped without too much rain. This was a warm storm so the temps were not that cold; however, a cold storm is developing with a slight chance of rain over the weekend. This storm will bring cold air and minimum temps in Salinas,... Read more
California storm to hamper harvesting veg, berries and avocados
Spring is here, and California is due to get hit with a storm bigger than any that came this winter. Rain will start later today and continue through Thursday in most locations. Expect harvest of strawberries, broccoli, celery, lettuce, other veg, citrus and avocados from these areas to be curtailed or halted altogether for the majority of the week and quality... Read more
Freeze giving Florida the blues, more storms out west
Cold weather continues in Florida. Alachua had a freeze warning issued yesterday morning and today they are waking up to a temperature of 36 degrees. Orlando is 46 this morning and Plant City 40 degrees. Typical minimums for this time of year are 51 for Alachua and 60 for Orlando. These three areas are the main blueberry regions for Florida and this cooler weather... Read more
Fla. peaches, watermelon delayed; more Calif. storms
The start of Florida's peach and watermelon crops, for which harvesting should have started, has been pushed back to around April 1 due to cold weather the last two weeks. Of the peach crop, Sonia Tighe of the Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association and Steven Callaham of Dundee Citrus Growers Association both said the cool weather has not damaged the fruit... Read more
Florida blues chill out, tomatoes tighten and the West stays wet and wild
It's chilly in Florida this morning. Things have changed quickly in last few days as another cold front descends upon Florida. Alachua woke up to a freeze warning, and Orlando and Plant City had morning lows of 42 degrees. These three locations can expect up to 0.25 inches of rain over the weekend with lows in the 40s all next week. This cooler weather will... Read more
Storms lined up to hit California
Three more storms are lined up to hit California in the next 10 days. Expect rain this weekend through Monday, a second storm next Wednesday the 14th and a third storm the weekend of March 17-18. California is getting much-needed snow out of these storms, which should help with irrigation supplies in the summer months. Despite the rain, veg out of Salinas should... Read more
Weather wreaks havoc on veg markets, slows Mexican production
While weather in California and Arizona is wreaking havoc on markets, production in Culiacan, Mexico, has slowed down, which could be a blessing in disguise. Production in Culiacan and the surround growing regions has slowed due to nightly lows in the low 50s. You should begin to see smaller inventories of tomatoes, Bell peppers, cucumbers and squash... Read more
Wet veg markets headed higher as rain and cold continue
How will rain and cold weather in California affect the veg market? We are already seeing the results as markets head higher. As we enter the time of year when the winter crop out of the desert traditionally begins to slow down and we transition into California's Salinas Valley region, the unstable air in the state will cause problems to markets for the foreseeable... Read more
California sees damage to stone fruit crops
California assesses the damage while bracing for the coldest night of the week so far. Tonight into tomorrow morning will see the lowest temps of the week. Continued frost and freeze warnings will be issued for the majority of the state.  Almost everywhere in the San Joaquin Valley will experience freezing temps tomorrow morning. Modesto, Fresno, Visalia... Read more
Big chill threatens California crops
Last night was the coldest night of the week out West with minimums in the upper 20s in some regions and lower 30s in most. Tonight and Wednesday will be a few degrees warmer but the colder weather will settle back in Thursday and Friday night. The main growing regions in California will have frost and freeze warnings until Saturday. Coastal regions, including... Read more
Frost and freeze warnings for Salinas and Watsonville
Salinas and Watsonville, CA, as well as the greater Northern California region, are expected to get temperatures in the low 30s on Monday and Tuesday before getting back to the seasonal normal for the week. In Mexico cold and rain is coming this weekend to Zamora and Patzcuaro, Michoacan. Approximately a quarter of inch of rain is expected to hit blueberries.... Read more
Weather helping boost quality coming from Chile
Chile has had perfect weather throughout the country. It has been a mild summer so far, and quality of grapes and stone fruit should be great right now. Heat is coming to Immokalee, FL, this Sunday through next Wednesday, with highs in the upper 80s. In Mexico, a mini heat wave coming to Culiacan and Sinaloa is expected to run through Saturday with highs... Read more
Rain for limes, good weather for strawberries
Cooler temperatures will finally come to the West this weekend and will continue through next week. Highs will be back in the 60s in coastal regions and 70s in the desert. Rain is forecasted for Southern California, Baja California and Yuma, AZ. Rain will hit the coastal areas of Southern California, including Oxnard, as well as Baja California starting... Read more