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Trish Lovell returns to Curry & Co. as onion sales manager

With more than three decades in fresh market onion and potato sales and marketing, Trish Lovell has returned to Curry & Co. in Brooks, OR.cha

Lovell, who had been with Agri-Pack in Pasco, WA, for three years, told The Produce News her return to the Oregon operation on Sept. 11 is a good fit.

“I worked here for seven years before going to Pasco,” she said, saying she’s happy to work with the company’s owners, Aaron and Holly Ensign. “[Former owner] Matt Curry is leaving the company, and Holly and Aaron asked me recently to come back to head up onion sales.”

Lovell got her start in the onion industry in 1986, working for DeBruyn Produce in Ontario, OR.

“So now I’m the onion gal at Curry & Co., and I’m working with the company’s five major growers in western Oregon and Washington on the program,” she said. “Matt is going on to new ventures, perhaps writing a book and taking on some speaking engagements.”