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Potatoes USA chooses leadership

usapotatoboardThe 2018 Potatoes USA Annual Meeting saw a new board chair and executive committee elected. Shown are, back row, Heidi Randall of Friesland, WI; Chris Hansen of Bliss, NY; Eric Schroeder of Antigo, WI;, Jaren Raybould of Saint Anthony, ID; Steve Streich of Kalispell, MT; Blair Richardson, Potatoes USA CEO; and Marty Meyers of Boardman, OR. In the front row are John Halverson of Arbyrd, MO; Jason Davenport of Arvin, CA; Board Chairman Dan Moss of Declo, ID; Sheldon Rockey of Center, CO; and Phil Hickman of Horntown, VA. Photo courtesy of Potatoes USA

During its 2018 Annual Meeting, held March 12-15 in Denver, Potatoes USA members elected a new board chair and executive committee.

Dan Moss of Declo, ID, will serve as chair for the coming year. Jaren Raybould of Saint Anthony, ID, and Phil Hickman of Horntown, VA, were elected to co-chair the domestic marketing committee. Co-chairs of the international marketing committee are Marty Myers of Boardman, OR, and Steve Streich of Kalispell, MT.

Sheldon Rockey of Center, CO, and Heidi Randall of Friesland, WI, will co-chair the industry outreach committee, and Chris Hansen of Bliss, NY, and Eric Schroeder of Antigo, WI, are new co-chairs of the research committee.

Chairing the finance and policy committee is Jason Davenport of Arvin, CA.

In his acceptance speech, Chairman Moss thanked outgoing Chair John Halverson of Arbyrd, MO, for his excellent leadership this past year. Noting significant progress made in research programs as increased funding has been secured for potato production and nutrition research, Moss also praised the new “Potatoes & Performance” strategy and the “What Are You Eating?” execution that was debuted at the meeting.

Moss also lauded the marketing staff for efforts made in international markets and continued growth in exports, but he expressed concern about what a USA Potatoes release termed “negative trade environment and potential impacts on exports.”

Moss said he is looking forward to working with the executive committee members to further strengthen demand for U.S. potatoes.