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IGA supermarkets launch imperfect produce program

IGA, which comprises 290 retailers in Canada, now features imperfect produce at its stores as a result of consumer demand. According to the company, its imperfect produce will be 30 percent less expensive on average than standard produce.

"IGA is proud to offer odd-looking fruit and vegetables in stores throughout [Quebec]," the company said in a statement. Six varieties — cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, beets, sweet peppers and apples — will distributed "in all their imperfect glory" for six weeks to 290 stores throughout the province, based on season and availability.

The company said this campaign aims to meet the demand of so many Quebecers who wish to make responsible choices by purchasing less perfect-looking, local produce that has the same great taste as its prettier counterparts.

Among the benefits of its imperfect produce program, IGA noted that items would be strictly Quebec-grown produce.

Numerous recipes have been inspired by these six vegetables and fruits, and each one will be featured in the IGA flyer during the six week promotion.

This promotion is a reflection of The Joy of Eating Better, launched by IGA in May 2014 to inspire Quebecers to eat better by encouraging them to make responsible choices, eat healthier, discover local and international flavors, and cook differently and more often.