Surprise celebration for D'Ottavio's silver anniversary

Michael D'Ottavio was honored and surprised Saturday, March 11, with a party to celebrate the company's silver anniversary. About 125 people — family, friends, co-workers and members of the produce industry — gathered in Vineland, NJ, to surprise D'Ottavio, who founded M. D'Ottavio Produce Inc. 25 years ago.

The company, based in Vineland, is now a grower, shipper, wholesaler and transportation firm that handles a full line of fresh fruits and vegetables.DOttavio-staff(Front) Erica D'Ottavio, Tom Dechen, Terry Heath, Mike D'Ottavio, Anthony D'Ottavio and Kathy Morales; back: Barbara Gallo, Leon D'Ottavio, Gabriel Velez, Johnny Morales and John Salvati. Photos courtesy of M. D'Ottavio Produce.

"My mother, Elaine, daughter, Erica, and son, Anthony, worked very hard to give me a night to reflect and appreciate some of our accomplishments over the past 25 years," said D'Ottavio, 48. "With growth in so many areas, my sincere thanks goes out to all my employees, family and friends that helped along the way. I would like to especially thank Dave Duquette, vice present of M. D'Ottavio Produce, for his amazing dedication and work ethics for so many years. He has been important part of our growth and success in every direction we have gone for the past 25 years."

He concluded, "All of us at D'Ottavio Produce truly appreciate our customers, growers and suppliers for all their support and friendship over the years. That teamwork is what it takes to be a successful company in our industry today."

Duquette-and-sonDave DuQuette and Jayson DuQuette.

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