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Black Gold Farms set for an early start of Texas red potatoes

The 2017 crop of Texan red potatoes from Black Gold Farms is looking remarkable this season. Thanks to the excellent planting and growing conditions, harvest is set to start a little bit earlier than last year.Black-Gold-Farms-Press-Image

“We are excited when we get in the field a little early to start off our fresh supply of quality red potatoes for the year,” Lorenzo Segura, farm manager for Black Gold Farm’s Pearsall, TX, operation, said in a press release. “It’s been a joy to really dig deep, have Mother Nature on our side, and a bit of luck with our amazing team to create some pretty spectacular Texas red spuds.”

Black Gold Farms, which is based in Grand Forks, ND, has been growing fresh red potatoes in Pearsall, TX (about an hour down Interstate 35 from San Antonio) since 2011. But the 88-year-old, fourth-generation family-owned operation has been farming potatoes in Pearsall, TX, since 1992.

At that time, Black Gold was only growing potatoes specifically for potato chips. They then mastered the art of getting the highest quality potatoes from the unique growing conditions in the Lone Star State. 

“Texas customers as well as customers who are close by are eager to get their hands on fresh, red potatoes --especially now,” Keith Groven, fresh sales manager at Black Gold Farms, added in the press release. “Local retailers, in particular, have witnessed the demand that Texas-grown red potatoes can generate, and they know they can move a lot of product because of the superior quality and service we are able to deliver”.

Black Gold Farm’s will also be taking this crop of Texan Reds on a REDVENTURE with retailers. To add to the excitement of harvest, Black Gold Farms is offering up redventurous recipes like Roasted Red Potatoes with Romesco sauce as well as digital and social promotions geared towards bringing awareness to the adventurous side of Texas grown red potatoes.

With many new and exciting REDVENTURE updates rapidly approaching, 2017 is looking to be the most interesting and adventurous yet.