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Farmer’s Best begins shipping from San Luis Potosi

For a number of years, customers of Farmer’s Best International LLC have asked summertime vegetable supplies to match the same quality as the firm has shipped from Sinaloa and Sonora for many winters.

Steve Yubeta, vice president of sales and marketing for the Culiacan, Sinaloa-headquartered firm, said Farmer’s Best understood the request and worked to fulfill the demand.

But Farmer’s Best was very careful and deliberate in meeting that promise.

Speaking by phone June 2 from his sales office in Rio Rico, AZ, Yubeta said that goal of summertime shipping would be realized in 10 to 14 days. Beginning immediately, the firm will be shipping from a new production area in San Luis Potosi. Yubeta said the high-elevation summer temperatures are mild, which enabled Farmer’s Best to extend its season.

tomatoes-hive-Farmers-BestIn mid-June, Farmer’s Best International LLC will begin shipping green Bell peppers, cucumbers and Roma tomatoes from new shadehouses, similar to this one in Culiacan, Sinaloa. “There are not the extreme temperatures you have elsewhere,” he said. “We are really excited about our customers’ enthusiasm. We will have a quality that is very similar to the mid-winter, which is what they requested. They have been after us to extend our season but we wanted to be sure we could do that” before adding a new, major production area. “We are very happy that we finally found the right spot.”

Most of the production will be from shadehouses, although there will be “a little” open-field growing there. The firm is producing green Bell peppers, cucumbers and Roma tomatoes.

“I am pretty excited that the Tarriba family, which owns Farmer’s Best, has made this acquisition,” said Yubeta. “We will have consistent production the whole summer and then in the fall we will move back to Sinaloa and Sonora,” which are states on Mexico’s west coast.

Yubeta specified that he considers October to be the beginning of Mexico’s fall season.

In San Luis Potosi, Farmer’s Best is renting a packinghouse for 2017. By next summer the firm will have its own new packinghouse.

Farmer’s Best vegetables will be shipped from San Luis Potosi about 400 miles to the northeast to McAllen, TX. Eventually, Yubeta said, “we will experiment with logistics in the summer to ship from there (San Luis Potosi) to Nogales,” which is about 1,100 miles to the northwest.

Farmer’s Best rents a distribution facility in McAllen. Yubeta expects the firm will have its own Texas warehouse within a few years. “At this point, we will grow into it,” Yubeta added.

The San Luis Potosi farm will reach “sizable volume” around 10 days after the harvest begins. This would be in the latter part of June.

“The growing conditions so far have been good” this season, he said.