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Sun Pacific rings in the new year with peak demand for specialty citrus

As consumers flock to the produce aisle after the new year in search of diet-friendly fruits and vegetables, Sun Pacific is reporting an increase in sales for its specialty citrus brand, Vintage Sweets. Vintage Sweets heirloom navel oranges made their debut in January of 2015 and are marketed as a premium navel brand to consumers looking for superior taste, sweetness and eating experience.VS 3Case

Vintage Sweets oranges are selected from 100-year-old trees through sensory aspects like touching, feeling, smelling and tasting the fruit, along with science that tests sugar levels to ensure juicy, sweet perfection. The brand is also verified by the Non-GMO Project, an attribute that is increasingly important to consumers in their premium produce selections.

“Specialty citrus continues to increase its share of the citrus category, and Vintage Sweets present a terrific complement and co-merchandising item with our Cuties and Cara Cara Navel oranges,” said Howard Nager, vice president of marketing and business development at Sun Pacific. “As the largest independent navel grower in the U.S., we have good supply and excellent quality to meet the needs of our retail consumers.”

Vintage Sweets are available in bulk, as well as three-pound bags and six-count shrink-wrapped trays. The brand’s striking black and orange vintage-look packaging and merchandisers set the expectation of a premium experience that stands out in the produce department. “The sharp graphics and display materials highlight this fruit and put it front and center for impulse purchases,” Nager said.

“Retailers are excited to highlight the growing story of Vintage Sweets being hand-picked from our best old-line groves, where we are testing for peak sugar levels and the perfect flavor,” said Nager.