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High-quality spring grapes this season

Grape category leader Sun World International LLC is expecting to see high-quality eating grapes this upcoming season, which starts in May. The warmer winter weather led to a lighter fruit set on the front end, which will allow for better overall crop quality. Sun World expects fully promotable volumes on all varieties as the season kicks into full swing.sunworld

“Although it is a bit early to make any predictions about overall quality of crop, we are optimistic and confident that we will get high volume this year,” said Jason Fuller, director of domestic sales. “With the new varieties being planted, consumers should see better eating grapes this season.”

The Coachella season started earlier than last season, as did the Mexican season. Sable Seedless, Midnight Beauty and Autumncrisp brand grapes will all yield larger than normal amounts due to this early start.

New plantings of these offerings have been in the ground since 2016 in an effort to meet growing customer demand. Midnight Beauty brand grapes continue to lead in the black grape category, Sable Seedless brand grapes have grown to be a consumer favorite, and interest in Autumncrisp brand grapes has rapidly risen on a global scale due to its unique flavor and taste experience: sweet with a hint of Muscat and an exceptional crunch.