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Retailer reimagines shopping experience, enhances fresh offerings

Price Rite Marketplace's next step in its rebranding efforts is a program focused on special deep discounts, enhanced fresh offerings and an improved shopping experience at three of its Pennsylvania stores in Bethlehem, Allentown and Secane.drop

“For more than 20 years, Price Rite has been proud to offer incredible value and fresh products to our shoppers,” said Jim Dorey, president of Price Rite Marketplace. “Now we are moving forward by cutting prices further on hundreds of items while highlighting our fresh offerings and making it even easier to spot extraordinary deals in our redesigned and reimagined Price Rite Marketplace stores.”

Price Rite Marketplace sources thousands of pounds of produce every year from Pennsylvania farmers and purchases produce grown from 16 different Pennsylvania towns. The retailer said it is committed to providing the freshest selection of produce and bakery items.

The three-store program combines a new store design with quality products and deep discounts, including the all-new Price Rite Marketplace Drop Zone, which has been designed as a unique in-store destination where customers will find extraordinary deals, special surprise buys and must-have products.

In addition to the Drop Zone, Price Rite Marketplace has lowered everyday prices on hundreds of items across the store. Customers will also discover great weekly deals on their family’s favorite items, by looking for the all-new ‘Spot on Savings!’  Spot on Savings! have made saving money even easier for Pennsylvania shoppers, by highlighting these discounts with easy-to-find and easy-to-shop bright red “spots” popping up in every aisle.

The stores in Bethlehem and Allentown will unveil the special deals along with their newly redesigned layouts, joining the Secane store, which is introducing further enhancements to its redesign. Shoppers will find bright, revitalized store décor, including a market-style produce department with new LED lighting, vibrant color palettes and clear signage throughout the stores.