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New York Apple Sales once again boosts KORU demand — this time with new consumer materials

Glenmont, NY-based New York Apple Sales continues with its successful KORU apple promotion.

The KORU was discovered and developed in New Zealand, and today NYAS and its import partners in the U.S. have generated great success with the imported program. Throughout this import period, the company has also been cultivating a domestic KORU crop. Now commercially available, the crop is enjoying equal and growing success.IMAGEKORU-Demo-Card-2018-1

The New Zealand KORU program recently ended for the 2018 season, but the domestic KORU program is now under way.

Demand for the apple is due to its crisp, sweet and naturally delicious flavor and hint of sweet honey aroma. The apple is named after the Maori word symbolizing new life, growth, strength and peace.

Promotional materials for the KORU are equally appealing. The beautifully designed materials are eye-catching, and NYAS is now bringing the high-impact materials directly to consumers at the retail level. The graphics in the materials for the domestic KORU are an extension of the highly successful KORU import program.

“Our new KORU point-of-sale cards strongly relay the message about this great apple to consumers,” said Jim Allen, NYAS vice president of marketing. “The brilliantly designed cards are stop-in-your-tracks visuals that are sure to draw attention. We also have a new demo/recipe card that was designed for use in in-store demos. The demo/recipe card offers a delicious KORU Waldorf Cup recipe on the back so consumers and their families can enjoy it at home."

In the past several years NYAS has expanded its grower and facility partner lineup in New York state. All of its partners continue to make cutting-edge advances in their growing methods and to their packing operations.

At the PMA Fresh Summit Oct. 19-20 in Orlando, FL, New York Apple Sales executives, along with marketing and sales team members, will be manning a brand new and expanded booth — No. 3923. There, key NYAS team members and executives will be presenting its full line — some 26 — of New York state apple varieties, in addition to its import and export programs.

The new exhibition booth provides a larger area, and the colorful and easily identifiable New York Apple Sales logo stands out, drawing visitors at the expo.

“Of course, the reason we are at the PMA Fresh Summit is to meet with our customer-friends, whom we spend hours with throughout the year on the phone or via email,” added Allen. “Having this face-to-face time in a new, beautiful and spacious area will be great.”