Northwest pears plentiful with excellent quality

Spring is well under way and U.S.-grown pears continue to be merchandised and promoted at retailers across the country. Pear shippers have plenty of inventory of high-quality winter pears: Bosc, Green d’Anjou and Red d’Anjou. Picked unripe, these pear varieties are stored in controlled atmosphere facilities, suspending the fruit until it is brought to ambient temperatures in the grocery store produce section.pear

“While the Bartlett crop from the Northwest took a bit longer to move than in a typical year, the Anjou crop will be lingering while off shore imports begin to arrive,”  said Kathy Stephenson, marketing communications director of Pear Bureau Northwest. “Some shippers expect to have crop available for a few more months.”

This provides an opportunity for retailers to promote U.S.-grown fruit at a competitive price alongside other spring produce items such as leafy greens. Providing more fiber than most fruit in the produce section, pears work exceptionally well in spring salads.

“One of my favorite pieces of fruit is a spring pear as they ripen a little faster and the concentration of sugar and juice content is just about perfect,” said Stephenson. “This season, retailers have an opportunity to purchase conditioned fruit and help continue to educate shoppers that pears ripen at room temperature.”

Given a little knowledge and drawn in with attention-grabbing spring front displays, consumers are in for an amazing eating experience with spring pears grown in Washington and Oregon.

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