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Caruso Produce enhances technology, looks to future growth

Caruso Produce has a reputation for providing some of the finest quality fruits and vegetables in the Oregon and Washington region. Since starting business in 1945, the Caruso family prides itself on maintaining excellent relationships with both customers and suppliers alike. For nearly seven decades, they have seen steady growth. In more recent years, they identified a need and commitment to enhance their technology to maintain and push for further growth in the future.

“With massive growth, a server on its last leg and multiple locations using different software systems, we knew it was time to find a universal solution to more efficiently manage our business,” said Sam Caruso, owner of Caruso Produce.

After talking to vendors and even some friendly competitors, they turned to Produce Pro Software.

“I was impressed that Produce Pro continues to enhance their software, and those developments stem from the needs of their customers in the industry,” said Caruso. “Their president, Dave Donat, sealed the deal during our demo when he challenged any mouse-based system to Produce Pro’s use of just a keyboard.”

While wanting a system that was fast and efficient, Produce Pro was just that, but they soon realized Produce Pro was more than just software.

“I was amazed to learn the trainers and project managers were mostly ex-produce people who had worked in similar businesses in the past. This was such a nice discovery, and they were professionals of the highest standard: smart, organized and quick to respond,” said Caruso.

Since going live with the new software system, the team members at Caruso Produce have identified several areas that have made their jobs easier. Plus, they have much more visibility into everything they are doing from accounting, shipping, inventory, ordering, pricing and sales.

“There is certainly more data entry than ever before, but I love that I can easily pull reports and have a pulse as to everything that’s going on within our operations,” Caruso noted. “It seems to do anything imaginable, and we’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg. I can’t wait to dive deeper and use the system even more.”

“I am thrilled we chose Produce Pro; first for the quality of the software itself and equally for their support staff. Having great people to work with made it all the more worthwhile,” said Caruso. “We went live using the most basic features of Produce Pro. As we continue to grow as a company, we will use more and more features of the system. We look forward to growing as a company along with our new software system.”