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The Salad Farm focuses on quality

With PMA Foodservice right around the corner, The Salad Farm is preparing to highlight its commitment to quality and customer service when it comes to baby leaf.salad-farm

Citing quality control and grower relations as key components to its success, Lex Camany, president of The Salad Farm, believes that its innovative and experienced grower base puts the company a cut above the rest when it comes to food safety and quality products.

“We only accept the highest quality produce through our plant door,” said Camany. "Once it passes our stringent inspection, within 10 hours the product is washed, packed and ready for loading on our customers trucks. This is less than 24-hour-old product en route to its final destination.” A feat worth noting with harvest-to-wash times of 36 to 48 hours common in the baby leaf industry.

The Salad Farm has upped the ante further with hand selected varieties raised by experienced growers. These baby leaf varieties have shelf life and longevity reaching up to 20 days. Add to this custom varieties grown for The Salad Farm’s customers and you have a product of notoriety. “This is our Celebrity Blend,” noted Camany.  “These varieties are a fluffy volume filled mix with brilliant multi colors and fluffy varieties. Due to the fluffy mix and texture, the end user can make twice the serving on the customers plate.”

Packing in Holister, CA, April through November and Yuma, AZ, December through March, The Salad Farm ships sizes ranging from one-pound to five by three master packs. Foodservice and retail packs are available in both organic and conventional. “With consistent quality and 24-hour fresh product on every order, The Salad Farm makes your life in baby leaf as trouble free as possible,” said Camany, who encourages everyone to experience the difference firsthand.