US Foods completes $1.8 billion acquisition

US Foods, one of the largest foodservice distributors in the nation, has acquired five Services Group of America subsidiaries that mainly serve customers throughout the western U.S. and into the Midwest, Alaska and the Pacific Rim.us

“We are excited to finalize this transaction and enhance our overall scale and footprint in the attractive Northwest and West regions," said Pietro Satriano, US Foods chairman and chief executive officer. "Both companies share a strong commitment to innovation and customer service, which will enable us to bring US Foods’ industry leading product innovation and technology to SGA Food Group customers as well as to share SGA Food Group’s unique center of plate, produce and logistics capabilities with US Foods customers. We look forward to welcoming SGA Food Group and their talented team members to US Foods.”

The companies included in the transaction are:

  • Food Services of America - a broadline foodservice distributor serving mainly independent restaurants;
  • Systems Services of America - a systems foodservice distributor serving mainly chain restaurants;
  • Amerifresh - a fresh-produce marketer with the popular Snoboy brand of premium produce;
  • Ameristar Meats - a custom-meat processor with sales and distribution of branded products; and
  • GAMPAC - a national provider of transportation management and third-party logistics.

Slade Stewart, SGA's executive vice president and chief operating officer, said these companies grew over a span of 47 years to represent one of the largest foodservice providers in the western U.S.

"The success of these companies and the legacy which they leave are directly due to the commitment and dedication of Associates who served our customers admirably," he said. "Our associates and our customers will continue their success with the innovative vision of US Foods management and the world-class resources it brings to the foodservice industry."

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