Side Delights 'Adopt a Potato Farmer' program responds to shoppers seeking locally grown produce

The Side Delights “Adopt a Potato Farmer” program aims to generate grassroots awareness with food bloggers and their audiences to the importance of the locality of each partner in Fresh Solutions Network.  The program paired regional food bloggers with Network farmers to share their stories about growing Side Delights potatoes.  In turn, the blogger shared their stories and farm favorite recipes with their audiences across their website, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter channels targeting in excess of 2 million views over the next 60 days. Amber-Edwards---Best-Homemade-French-Fries

Locally grown produce helps to ensure sustainable growing practices, increased freshness and a smaller carbon footprint resulting from reduced shipping. With the ongoing education about the advantages of sustainably grown produce, shoppers are seeking quality products which are locally grown, wholesome and delicious.  

Each blogger conducted an in-person interview with a regionally relevant farmer from the Fresh Solutions Network. The blogger’s interview covered topics like Family farming history, Why potatoes grow so well in your soil type, and What makes you passionate about farming potatoes?

The stories from these interviews are published now on each of the blogger’s sites.  Each post includes a signature recipe with photos using Side Delights potatoes.  Each blogger’s story is amplified by their social media sites as well as Side Delights social media.

Some examples of blogger stories include:

Kristy Still’s blog, Mommy Hates Cooking, featured the following post about her interview with fifth-generation farmer Kelly Grotte, from MG Farms, who farms for NoKota Packers in North Dakota: https://www.mommyhatescooking.com/crash-hot-potatoes

On the Simple Parent blog, Mariah Moon posted a recipe “The Best Potato Salad,” which was shared with her during her interview with Kathy Michael-Sponheim, from Michael Family Farms.  This recipe is especially meaningful as it is from Kathy’s mother’s family recipe library: https://thesimpleparent.com/best-potato-salad/

Amber Edwards at BusyCreatingMemories.com, who grew up on a farm herself, interviewed Jill Crapo-Cox, a fourth-generation Sun-Glo of Idaho farmer, and shared her brother’s recipe for the “Best Homemade French Fries: Cast Iron Skillet Fried Potatoes”: https://busycreatingmemories.com/best-homemade-french-fries/

“Busy shoppers are looking for healthy, convenient, and practical solutions to family meals. Meals create family memories which are elevated when the produce is grown where it matters,” said Kathleen Triou, president and chief executive officer of Fresh Solutions Network. “These bloggers were able to experience first-hand how Side Delights potatoes go from farm to fork and are now sharing that knowledge with their audiences and grocery shoppers.” 

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