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Stop & Shop invests $133 million to deliver a fresh look

Stop & Shop has introduced a fresh new look at 21 Suffolk County stores on Long Island. The new look comes with a $133 million capital investment to improve the in-store experience for local customers, with a focus on delivering more fresh, healthy, and convenient options, plus lower prices on items throughout the store. Stop & Shop employs over 8,000 associates on Long Island and has added approximately 350 part-time associates, while also promoting nearly 100 associates to full-time positions as part of this initiative and its efforts to enhance the customer experience.toeioiejeoijeoijeoije

“The remodeling of our Long Island stores is a key milestone in our journey to refresh the Stop & Shop brand for the future and to strengthen our position as market leader,” said Stop & Shop President Gordon Reid. “We’re excited for local customers to enjoy the changes we’ve brought to Long Island like even more fresh produce, lower prices and new solutions to help make things easy for our customers get their shopping done and get back to what matters most.”   

Part of the Reimagining Stop & Shop strategy, a multi-year initiative to refresh the brand’s 400-plus stores across the Northeast, Long Island is the second market to unveil Stop & Shop’s new look, following 21 stores that were remodeled in 2018 in the Hartford, CT, market.

While updates vary by store location, highlights of the 21 newly refreshed Stop & Shop stores include the following:

  • Expanded produce sections with more organic items as well as items grown locally on Long Island like corn, tomatoes, and squash from nearby farms.
  • More prepared foods including stir fry stations, sushi bars, hot bars, and meats like brisket and pulled pork smoked right in-store, which make it convenient to pick up freshly made meals to go.
  • Wide selection of local and craft beers like Montauk Ale and South Hampton Brewing. Select stores also offer interactive beer kiosks, making it easy for customers to make delicious pairings with their food.
  • In-store cafes offering smoothies, coffee, treats, and free WiFi. It’s a place for the community to gather or for customers to stay and dine-in.  
  • Dedicated Italian sections with ethnic specialties including pasta, sauce, and olive oil and vinegar fustis to fill your own bottles.
  • Increased selection of specialty cheeses including local, freshly made Lioni mozzarella items, plus domestic and imported olives available to mix and match on our olive bars.
  • Convenience cases filled with the essentials – milk, bread, butter, and eggs – located right by check out so customers can quickly grab the most-needed items, without having to walk the entire store.
  • Faster checkout with Stop & Shop’s SCAN IT! mobile app. The app turns your smartphone into a scanner so you can scan and bag items as you put them in your cart. New, frictionless checkout means you can simply scan a barcode on your mobile phone at any register to complete your payment – and get on your way.   
  • Same Day Online Pick-Up so orders placed online at can be picked up at the store as soon as four hours later.
  • Great value with new, lower prices on items throughout the store.