Greenyard USA/Seald Sweet is partnering with avocado grower Valvilla Produce

Greenyard USA/Seald Sweet has announced a long-term strategic partnership with Valvilla Produce. This is a true example of Greenyard’s mission to partner with the best suppliers, from fork to field, to meet consumers’ needs while creating value for all.IMG 0694

“Our initiative is to develop and strengthen our business by offering direct programs with the growers while adding value and supporting a transparent relationship that benefits all parties,” said Mayda Sotomayor, managing director of Greenyard USA/Seald Sweet.

Greenyard USA/Seald Sweet and Valvilla Produce are both focused on innovation and are dedicated in creating a healthier future. Valvilla Produce is a third-generation company, vertically integrated with more than 900 acres of avocados in Michoacán, Mexico, specializing in organic and conventional avocados.

Luis Valencia, president of Valvilla Produce, said, “We truly believe in partnership from the beginning, as we share the same values with Greenyard USA/Seald Sweet. At Valvilla Produce we are convinced that the biggest sources of opportunities are collaboration and partnership, and we need to expose ourselves to that in order to succeed in our businesses."

The partnership will focus on weekly retail and program business, allowing year-round shipments into the United States, of which product has already commenced crossing last month from McAllen, TX. It is anticipated that shipments may potentially arrive at Greenyard Logistics USA warehouse in Swedesboro, NJ, which is a state-of-the-art cold storage and repack facility.

“We want to offer retailers product according to their needs, with flexible packaging and ripening options that adapt to their customers” said Michael Walsh, commodity manager at Greenyard USA/Seald Sweet.

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