Southeastern Grocers expands e-commerce to new market

Southeastern Grocers, parent company of BI-LO, Fresco y Más, Harveys Supermarket and Winn-Dixie grocery stores, announced an expansion of e-commerce shopping technologies to include online ordering and grocery delivery service for Louisiana customers in partnership with online grocery marketplace leaders Instacart and Shipt.del

Winn-Dixie said it recognizes the importance of addressing the changing needs of traditional grocery shoppers. The expansion of e-commerce to Winn-Dixie locations throughout Louisiana takes into consideration the evolving needs and diverse shopping preferences of modern day customers aiming to balance busy lifestyles. With this new innovation, Louisiana customers will have the added convenience of placing online orders for an assortment of groceries and household staples at the same price of purchasing items in the store. This added service allows customers to purchase fresh produce, meat and seafood, health and beauty goods, pet products, consumable baby items and more.

Andrew Nadin, executive vice president and chief customer officer for Southeastern Grocers, said, “We are always looking for additional opportunities to meet the evolving needs of our customers in each community we serve. As we embrace digital advancements, we are excited to expand our e-commence partnerships to offer added conveniences for Louisiana shoppers. Partnering with marketplace leaders will provide our customers with simple options for the same quality products and value, which will help make their lives a little easier.”

As Winn-Dixie continues its commitment of offering the best service to customers, e-commerce technologies provide an added resource to tackle complex consumer demands. In a recent SEG survey, results show that many online shoppers find the concept of grocery delivery appealing, with more than one-third of Southeastern Grocers customers admitting to purchasing groceries online within the past year. Of the customers purchasing groceries online, 88 percent of them also had the items delivered. The findings also indicate that the number one reason customers shop online rather than in the store is to save time.

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