Sobeys turns one man's trash into public treasure

Sobeys Inc. recently announced plans to donate a collection of public seating made entirely of recycled plastic bags and heavier recycled plastic materials, such as bins, to be installed in family-oriented community spaces across Atlantic Canada. sobey

Sobeys is working with Dartmouth-based LakeCity Plastics to create the pieces and has partnered with Develop Nova Scotia and other Atlantic government partners to select accessible, family-focused public spaces on waterfronts across the region. This donation follows the company’s industry-leading commitment to remove plastic grocery bags from all Sobeys grocery stores by the end of January 2020. The change will take 225 million plastic grocery bags out of circulation at Sobeys’ 255 locations across Canada each year.

“Atlantic Canada applauded our decision to eliminate plastic bags from our Sobeys stores and we wanted to find other unique ways to give back to the birthplace of our Company and the home of the beloved Sobeys Bag,” said Vittoria Varalli, vice president of sustainability for Sobeys Inc. “The bench designs bring sustainability, innovation and functionality together in a very unique way. Atlantic Canadian families and all who visit our region will be able to enjoy beautiful spaces like the Halifax waterfront and take advantage of tables and benches that represent the changes we all want to see — reduced plastic use and smarter recycling of plastic waste.”

The grocer will announce the locations of the benches and picnic tables in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland and Labrador in the spring of 2020.

“As a company, we are incredibly proud of our Nova Scotia roots. We look forward to giving Atlantic Canadians families sustainable, locally designed picnic tables to enjoy in their community spaces,” said Dave Sobey, director of support services for Sobeys Inc. “Our stores have incredible connections to each of the unique communities they serve and this is just one way we can give back and thank our customers and communities for giving us their support.”

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