Frozen 2 inspires Dole program

Just in time for Disney’s Frozen 2, Dole launched two new ways for fruit and vegetable lovers to herald the return of Elsa, Anna and Olaf.frozen

The two social media activations allow Dole and Disney fans to customize a Disney’s Frozen 2-inspired experience as part of Dole’s three-month healthy-lifestyle collaboration with the long-awaited film.

Dole’s Make a Friend for Olaf – Dole is encouraging healthy food lovers of all ages to construct a companion for the famous snowman using their favorite Dole fruits and vegetables. From Dole pineapples and bananas to carrots, blueberries and celery, any fresh produce possibilities are endless. Social media users can post their creations on Dole’s Facebook page, or share them on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #FriendforOlaf. Selected fan-submitted video and photo posts will be shared across Dole’s social pages.

Dole Pineapple Holiday Gift Tags Inspired by Disney’s Frozen 2 – Dole makes healthy gift-giving easy with an exclusive set of Dole pineapple gift tags celebrating Disney’s Frozen 2. Pineapple fans can download one of six collectible gift tags featuring Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven from www.dole.com/Disney and then add a bow and their own personalized message to create a unique gift for Christmas, the holiday season and a healthy New Year.

The social offerings are part of Dole’s “Powering the Hero Within,” which offers parents and others a flurry of activities to encourage their kids and families toward healthy living and meals rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. This latest Dole initiative celebrating Disney’s Frozen 2 is part of a multiyear nutritional alliance with The Walt Disney Co.

A program highlight is a new collection of 20 original Dole breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert recipes that pays tribute to Disney’s Frozen 2. Dole is using a host of expanded tactics to distribute its new recipes including print and digital placements, how-to recipe videos and social enhancements. Other campaign elements include a dedicated campaign web page, digital banner ads and a storm of social media posts. The fresh produce leader is also partnering with top-tier family, health and fitness bloggers and social influencers to host Disney’s Frozen 2-themed contests, recipe-development initiatives and other programs.

Now through January 2020, shoppers will find images of Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff on millions of Dole bananas and pineapples at supermarkets throughout the U.S. and Canada. Disney and Dole fans can participate in the Dole Banana Sticker Peel and Play Game by downloading the official activity sheet on www.dole.com/Disney and collecting the entire blizzard of 20 Disney’s Frozen 2-inspired stickers.

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