SuperFit Greens growing faster than expected

SuperFit Greens, a division of Herndon Farms in Lyons, GA, recently finished installation of a new processing line, along with a new bagging and automatic weigh machine. superfit

“We built our plant four years ago with the expectation to grow into the space,” said Bo Herndon, owner of SuperFit Greens. “We were not anticipating having to expand this quickly. We have seen our business continue to grow, and the reason for the new equipment was to help meet the increased demand for our greens.”

Thanksgiving is always an intense time of harvesting and shipping greens for Herndon, so having this additional packing equipment online for this season was a great advantage.

When asked about the outlook for the Christmas and new year time on greens, Vice President of Operations Jason Herndon said, “The fields are looking very nice, the weather seems to be cooperating more this year than last. We’re seeing grow back on the fields we’ve harvested once and new fields are making good headway to be available for when we need them. After last year’s weather issues, we made a few field and planting adjustments we thought would help us withstand some of what Mother Nature might bring our way.”

Due to the company’s growth, there have also been new hires in operations and food-safety departments, as well as new trucks and drivers adding to their dedicated fleet. Herndon’s strategic goal is to continue to grow the business and service its customers on the highest level in the months and years to come.

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